Carly’s Taking Some Time Off

Posted on Jan 18, 2013

Carly’s Taking Some Time Off

As some of you may have noticed, Carly is quite pregnant at the moment. She has been determined to work as long as possible, and the time has come for her to take it a little easier. It appears our new son is a bit more stubborn than her, and tends to object with vicious kidney punches and kicks to the liver when she is working too many hours. Well, it isn’t so much the hours as it is the constant sitting and standing that running our community acupuncture clinic requires. So, as of now Carly will just be working on Thursdays, and Dom will be picking up the Monday and Saturday shifts for the time being. 

Got a name yet?

Yes, though not a middle name as of yet. So far we’ve got Kahless (Insert awesome middle name here) Leotti. Pronunciation on the first one is Kay-liss, and it roughly means “Unforgettable.”

When is she due?

April 10 is the official due date. As you can imagine, since we’re a husband and wife team here, with no other employees to run the place, this may cause last minute disruptions to the schedule. Hopefully Kahless decides to come on a day we’re off, or after hours, but if not we may have to close up and go at the last minute. If your contact info has changed since you first started coming, please update that with us ASAP. We will call and/or email you if your appointment will be affected around that time. Otherwise, assume everything is as normal.


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