Family Trip, Rocket Launch and Schedule Change

Posted on Feb 2, 2018

Family Trip, Rocket Launch and Schedule Change

As many of you know we’re a family owned business, and every now and then that means that family stuff will mean clinic days have to change. This coming week we have the opportunity to take two very excited little boys to the Kennedy Space Center to watch the historic first launch of the SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket, the most powerful US made rocket since the Saturn V that carried astronauts to the moon. We were hoping it would happen when the clinic wasn’t going to be open, but as of now it is scheduled for Tuesday Feb 6th. 

The Falcon Heavy Rocket

With spaceflight things are always subject to change until the last minute, so as of now we’re leaving folks on the schedule for Tuesday. If the launch date remains unchanged by Monday afternoon, we will start calling everyone then to reschedule them. The best way to stay connected is via our Facebook page or website, and we’ll add any updates to this post as we have them, maybe a picture or two while we’re there. Thanks for your understanding, we love you guys.


Dom, Carly, Galen, and Kahless





PS: If you’re wanting to see the launch too, tickets are still available through the Kennedy Space Center, and just about anywhere in the Titusville/ Cocoa Beach/Canaveral area will be great launch viewing. Here’s a great article on good spots to view launches from, but expect most of the best spots to fill up quick.