Welcome LivingSocial and Groupon People!

Posted on Mar 19, 2013

Welcome LivingSocial and Groupon People!

Hey everyone, we’re really excited to have all you beautiful LivingSocial and Groupon people coming to our clinic! We ran one about a year ago, and had a few questions that kept coming up, so we figured this time around we’d put up a new FAQ just for you folks! If you’ve got a specific question that we haven’t answered here, please leave us a comment in the comments section below, or just shoot us an email and we’ll answer it in a hurry. You can also see our regular FAQ and New Patient¬†page for more general questions.

The Groupon/LivingSocial deal says the acupuncture is done in a group treatment setting, does this mean I have to get undressed in front of strangers?

No, not at all. The style of acupuncture we practice uses acupuncture points that are mostly on the arms and legs below the elbow or knee, which allows us to treat problems anywhere on the body without putting needles directly in the affected area. We treat a whole lot of back pain here, for example, and it is extremely rare that anyone gets a needle in their back.

Our Treatment Room in Action

Our Treatment Room in Action

Your site says there’s a $10 new patient fee, does the voucher cover that?

Yes, buying the Groupon or LivingSocial voucher means you won’t pay a thing for as many acupuncture treatments as your voucher is good for.

Do I need an appointment?

Mostly yes. We gladly take walk-ins, but if you make an appointment you’re much less likely to have to wait to be seen. Scheduling online is a breeze, just click on the purple “Book Now” button on the right to get started. If need-be, you can certainly call, text (yes, we will respond to texts) or email, but if you’re reading this you’re already online, so give the online scheduling a try, won’t you?

Hey, I bought one package, can I split the treatments with a friend?

No, each package of 2 or 4 treatments can only be used by one person, but we do have some ways you could share some affordable acupuncture with a friend. If our deal is still live on Groupon: 1) Share it on Facebook! Your friends may want to buy their own and come on in with you! 2) Buy an extra few treatment packages as gifts for your friends. If our special is no longer live, you can still take advantage of our own in-house promo:¬†3) For the whole month of April, we’ll be doing a “bring a friend and their treatment is $10”. That will be unlimited for the whole month, so bring as many friends as you’d like as often as you’d like, and their treatment will only be $10 each time two or more of you come in together!

Hey, I know the deal page said I could buy one for me, and three as gifts for friends, but I want to use all four for me. That’s cool right?

No. If our regular $15-45 sliding scale is unaffordable for you, please talk to us, we may be willing to work something out on a case by case basis, but only one voucher per person please.



  1. Just wanted to tell you and hopefully it will encourage others to try acupuncture at your very professional office that acupuncture really , truly works. I started one week ago with chronic back pain and I did not want surgery or an MRI or any medication to mask pain.After three treatments I am so much better and haven,t felt the same horrible back pain in a week,I still went to work all week as usual I am so much better thanks to you both. Please post this to help others!

    • Hey Paula! Thanks, we really appreciate your feedback, and are so glad to hear you’re doing better!

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